Buying high quality local meat and having it delivered to your door is now as easy as clicking a mouse.  Many people don’t know that Southeast New Brunswick can boast about two major things.  First is we have some of the best quality beef in North America….if not the best.   Since New Brunswick still hasn’t been developed our soil is rich in nutrients and because of this we have plenty of protein rich grass for the beef to feast on.

If you have been to other parts of the world, you see hectares upon hectares of beef living on dirt. What do you think they eat? Over here, the cows eat grass until near the end where they forage on local grains. It is also important to note our local farmers and NOT using Antibiotics or Hormones. They can do this because the beef have more room to roam, this limits the amount of potential disease outbreaks. The hormone part… well let’s say that our farmers know that health of our food supersedes the extra few dollars.

The other thing Southeast New Brunswick and this local home delivery campaign can boast about is the GATE TO PLATE RATIO.  “Gate To Plate” is a term that many area’s fantasize about but not many can claim.  Here in Southeast New Brunswick the beef are generally not picked up more than 50 km from the abattoir.  What this means is the beef does not have the time to get stressed out because they are already at the abattoir in less than an hour.   Many beef have to travel for hours upon hours to their destination where they are put into an assembly line.  When this happens the animal is stressed and has cortisol running through it’s veins when processing. This makes the meat not as healthy. In Memramcook, they respect the animal and process the beef slowly and gently causing minimal stress.

Going back to Gate To Plate.

From Memramcook to Moncton is about 25km.  So the total distance between the “Gate” at the farm to your “Plate” is around 75km.  To give you perspective.  Meat in a mass grocery store might be from Alberta or somewhere in the USA.  75km is absolutely remarkable.

So the number one reason to buy our local Southeast New Brunswick meat is the health and dedication to our local farmers to give you the healthiest beef out there.  This is rare and should be exploited from our meat loving New Brunswickers.  The other obvious benefit is the money staying here in the local economy.  One honorable mention as well is the price is competitive and if not better than the mass grocery stores!

Boudreau Meat Market from Memramcook is a third generation farm that is also one of the few abattoir’s in the area.

  • You can now go to and order your meat online.
  • You have two delivery dates available Tuesday or Thursday.
  • You receive a weekly email to remind you to place your order and pick your delivery date and voila… it’s at your door.

Take a look at this amazing and exciting initiative.